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Matt R May 22, 2011 1

Let’s make this clear… The Motley Guy doesn’t wear these accessories, The Motley Guy only sells these accessories.  But if I had to wear them, 3M would be getting my business.

Have you seen the newest additions to our Scotch and Post-It lines with our red high-heel Scotch tape dispenser, the Post-It Note purse and the newest 3″ black stiletto high heel tape dispenser.  I prefer the 3″, it helps makes my legs look thinner…


Do you like it in Red?


Complimentary handbag…

3″ Stiletto to lengthen your legs…


These are all available NOW… If you like what you see and want some help selling, contact your Motley Guy!

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  1. Judy Pollard September 2, 2011 at 2:07 pm -

    Motely Guy, I’m looking for two of the black high heel tape dispensers and two of the black post-it note dispensers. Do you have in stock? How much for items and how much for shipping? Thanks, Judy

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