It’s HOT!!! Give me some water…

Matt R May 25, 2011 0

How cool is this?  Filtered-bottle water right from your faucet… AWESOME!!!

Here it is: a filtered-bottle water product produced by 3M… I’m no genius but this makes sense to even me.

This is how it works:  using the 3M Filtrete filter you fill your water system by your standard faucet.  The water then flows through our filter and evenly fills each of the four-water bottles.  If one of the bottles are already full, the product will quit filling that one up and only focus on the ones that still need to be filled.

Similar to a coffee machine, if you’re filling your bottle (or coffee cup) up, the moment you pull it out from underneath the filter, it’ll stop pouring through that spout, therefore eliminating any messes, and trust me, The Motley Guy doesn’t like messes!

Do you like what you see… for more information, contact The Motley Guy.  #team3M

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