Energel X – The Ultimate “X” Factor

Matt R May 28, 2011 2

One of the greatest mysteries in The Motley Guy’s life, a mystery that is so mysterious it keeps me up at night: where do pens really go?  The Motley Guy hasn’t slept more than three hours in the last two weeks because of this… (why do I keep talking in 3rd-person?  Sorry!)

But in all seriousness, where do all our pens go?  Have you ever thought about that?  They don’t get thrown away.  They aren’t re-sold on the open market.  They just disappear it seems!  When you need one, you can’t find one, even though you swear you just ordered three packs of pens last week.  This magical mystery of pens is why I love being in the Pen business, we’ll forever need new pens because our old ones will continue to disappear, forever!

With that said, this new pen, is a pen that you need to hold close to you.  This pen isn’t designed for sharing, keep it for yourself.  Become familiar with this new pen, ASAP, this pen is called ENERGEL X from Pentel.

The Future is Smooth with the new EnerGelX!

Let’s go through the checklist:

  • Retractable: YES
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Green, Violet  #winning (barrels match the color for easy identification) (green & violet .7 only)
  • Sizes: .5 needle-tip, .7 medium tip
  • Recycled: YES, 84% Recycled Plastic
  • Quick Dry: YES, YES and more YES.  Ideal for lefties!
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Does The Motley Guy approve? YES


The Pentel Energel X has an advanced blend of rollerball and gel ink that makes this pen exceptionally quick drying and smooth writing with no smears, smudges or globs of ink… The Motley Guy approves.  And… apparently, national pen review site “Mightier Than The Sword” approves too… and they know they’re pens!

Have you ever watched a video about Pens before?  No… well here you go, feel free to mark it off your bucket list!

This pen will be everywhere… I’m serious, EVERYWHERE, commericials, commercials and more commercials:

  • Today Show X 4
  • Ellen X 3
  • Leno X 4
  • Fallon X 4
  • Weekend Morning News X 2
  • Latenight Programming X 10
  • The University Network
  • Access Hollywood and Real Housewives X 2 (I really hope they run during Orange County, those girls are my favorite)

We are also giving away:


Keep an eye out for Energel X… It’s going to be big!  Need a sample, interested in the product?  Contact your local Motley Guy, we got you covered!


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