Remember the TITAN!!!

Matt R June 6, 2011 0

Sometimes its a fact that you need to go bigger than your competition.   Why do you think the world created all those cool sayings:  “Go Big or Go Home,” Do it up BIG,” and “Bigger is Better.”

Take a look at this:  The world’s largest burger!  No thank you, I’m on a strict diet…


I found this picture too… the worlds largest pizza, this disgusts even the truest New Yorkers:

and why do people feel the need to make the worlds biggest mozzarella stick?


Okay, okay, okay… maybe I was slightly wrong; bigger isn’t always better.  None of those items above look appealing in the slightest bit.  But with that said, I do have something where “Bigger is Better.”  I’d like to introduce you to the TITAN6.

The Titan6 from Samsill is currently the largest ring binder on the market coming in at a whooping 6 inches.



This binder holds up to 1250 pages which is equivalent to 2.5 reams of paper, that’s a lot of paper!  When you’re filing student records, Q2 reports, or last year’s accounts payables, why separate those grouped documents into numerous binders when you can put them all in one, seems to make sense to the Motley Guy.

In addition, the Titan6 is part of our Binder For Life series that includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY for each binder. If anything were to happen to the rings or the binder itself, we’ll replace it… pretty good deal.

Take a look at this video (the .40 second mark is when it gets hot and heavy)

Do you like what you see… tell us how you’re currently using the Titan6 or if you’d like more information feel free to contact your local Motley Guy.

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