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Matt R July 20, 2011 0

Don’t we all love collaborations?  As long as they’re done correctly, of course we do…

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream go GREAT together, I know Ben & Jerry think so.   Musical collabo’s can be amazing when the right pairing is put together, think: Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (they had a classic or two, according to my mom) or what about “We Are the World” they practically brought the world together on that one.  Whether it’s movies, clothing lines, food, etc… collaborations are happening all around us.

3M tried their hand at a new collaboration and I think they hit a homerun on this one.

(Click to enlarge)

Everyone is familiar with a dry-erase board, if you’re not, look around your office, I’m sure there’s one on the wall looking right at you.  Quickly, the majority of the population are becoming familiar with 3M’s Post-It Easel Pads, the ultimate tool for meetings and conferences.

Since both are becoming a must have, 3M decided to simplify the process and bring the two together for the ultimate collaboration.  This collabo-board will consist of half 3M high-quality melamine dry-erase board and the other half being the Post-It Easel pad with hanger.  Behind the pad you can find storage space for markers and erasers.  These boards come in three sizes 65″ x 38″ 78″ x 38″ and 96″ x 38″ and in two frame finishes: mahogany and aluminum.

Chances are in most conference rooms today they have dry-erase boards hung on the wall and they also have an easel holding easel pads.  Why do the extra work of having both, storing both and ordering both, just order them together.

Contact your office supply dealer for more information…  Enjoy.



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