Don’t Mess with my Post-It Notes

Matt R November 1, 2011 0

“Don’t Mess with my Post-It Notes” –  That’s the first thing I hear from people’s mouth the moment that I tell them 3M has CHANGED their Post-It® notes… I quickly remind them that I’m only 4 ft 2″, sweet, innocent and wouldn’t harm a fly.  Please don’t shoot the messenger, I ask…

I don’t fault them for getting a tad bit fired up, people’s love for Post-It® notes is not something to be taken lightly.  But with anything in life, things can always be enhanced, Post-It® Notes are no different.

Question for you: have you ever been victim to “Post-It® Note Ski-Sloping?”   What in the world is “Post-It® Note Ski-Sloping” you may ask… It’s when over time your Post-It® Note begins to curl-up and look like a ski-slope…

Check exhibit A and B below:



Let me answer that for you:  yes you have fallen victim to ski-sloping, we all have.  It has nothing to do with the 3M product, it has everything to do with the moisture, humidity, etc… in the air.  Over time paper tends to curl, which leaves us a messy-looking note hanging on our computer screen, etc… Unfortunately, when it begins to curl, it increases the tendency to be swiped, knocked-off, or pull-away from the surface it’s sticking on.  3M, put their heads together and said: we need to solve this and they decided to come out with this:

 To make a long story short (you’re welcome) the ratio has pretty much been flipped!  Standard Post-It® Notes tend to have about a 15%-20% line of adhesive running along the top with the rest of the note un-adhesived.  With the new notes, 80%-85% of the note has adhesive lining the back with only the 15%-20% unexposed with zero adhesive.

And speaking of adhesive – regular Post-its are not meant to hang on the wall.  They were originally designed to stick on paper.  Post-it Super Sticky Notes are designed to go where other notes can’t.  If you’ve ever had a Post-it fall down, now you know why.  These Post-it Full Adhesive Notes have that great Super Sticky adhesive!

This means MORE STICKING.  It means LESS SKI-SLOPING.   And it also means MORE AWESOMENESS!

The Motley Guy approves of this message…

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