Sitting is the new Smoking — Yeah, I stole that Line

Ellie S. June 1, 2016 0
“Sitting is the new Smoking” – that’s the line my obnoxiously fit colleague said when I asked her how she stays slim in the office for almost nine hours each day. So two days ago I ordered a set from my office supply dealer, just like the one below, and it arrived the next day. I sat for four hours at my desk, then pushed back my chair, moved the keyboard out and above my desk, and raised my monitor up to my standing eye level. That’s how I spent my afternoon today.  – Lola B., Brookline, MA
Click above to download the 3M® Workspace Solutions catalog.
Oh, and look for Task Lamps on p. 4; Easy Adjust Monitor Arms on p.6; Keyboard Tray on p.1!

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