Introducing…. Scotchgard Glass Cleaner & Protector

Matt R September 6, 2016 0

Get this: NEW Glass Cleaner with Scotchgard protection — not only makes your glass look shiny and clear, but protects it from getting dirty in the future! Seriously?! The gurus at 3M report that repeated use of this cleaner prevents dirt from sticking to the glass! It must be magic!

Buy the Ready to Use quart-sized spray bottle and get right to the action! Or choose the 2 liter concentrate that mixes with water to create 42 gallons! Because after all, Windex is just 98% water (and freight) so don’t pay for something you can draw from your own tap! Be sure to ask your Motley rep for details or a sample! [click here to download the product sheet]

Yes, I did my own product testing and got my mirrors so darn clean!

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