You won’t cut it with cheap tape…..

Matt R April 10, 2017 0

…or maybe you will cut cheap tape, and thus my point: not all tapes are created equal.

These days maybe you’ve noticed: cardboard is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. The hippie in me doesn’t love that, but at least box makers use old cardboard and blend it when making the new. Problem: boxes made with recycled cardboard have a unique texture, and often cheap (read: poor quality) tapes don’t stick!

Yeah, you read that right: cheap tapes don’t always stick to recycled cardboard! Try it and see for yourself – I challenge you. Hint: the box’s rear end usually says the recycled %.

Personally, I don’t want to roll the dice whenever I mail packages – I want to know the tape will hold the box, will hold the goods. End of story. My Solution: I choose Scotch® shipping tape every time. Period.

Scotch’s engineers came up with two types of tapes adhesives, and that makes it easy to know when to use Hot Melt vs. Acrylic tapes. Read this and forever be an expert:

My fave hot melt shipping tape is 40x stronger than acrylic, so it’s definitely worth the small premium.

Gamble with cheap imports and your unlucky box recipient may pay a sorry price on the receiving end 🙁

Ask your office supplier for pricing on this 6 roll pack, order #142-6

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