Clean Air isn’t something you want to take for granted. Here’s my honest review of the OAC250 from 3M + Video

Matt R April 11, 2019 0

Don’t take clean air for granted! If you have an OAC250 and need help changing the filter, please scoot down and watch my quick tutorial.


It’s actually pretty disgusting what floats around in seemingly “clear” air. You’ve been sick in the past year? Were you licking the floor under a urinal or did someone sneeze in your path? Probably (hopefully) the latter! Air filters from 3M have a lot of positive benefits, namely clearing 99.9% of particulates that cycle through. However, the honest truth is: they have to be down by the floor to enter the OAC250’s intake. Fresh clean air is pumped up and out from the top, into the space where you’re walking (ideally). In an office, that works fine as generally the HVAC system operates principally. However, if there are windows are in your particular office, I don’t suggest this 3M model. Filters are expensive and no longer available from your office supplier, but asking may change that! Tell them you’re interested in fresh air from 3M and hopefully we’ll get the OAC models back in catalogs this upcoming year! Thanks for reading ~TMG

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