Pentel “Energel X” hits the streets

Matt R August 15, 2011 0

When Pentel brings a new product to market, that means it’s going to make a splash!

Keep an eye out during the month of August for the kickoff of the Pentel “Energel X” campaign (you can read more about this pen right here).  This pen has plans to go from the TV screen, to your hand and make it’s way to the paper…  Whether your watching Ellen, The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood or many more NBC shows there is a good chance you’ll see the commercial, just in case you aren’t a big TV fan, be one of the first to check out the commercial by watching below:

In addition, Pentel is also giving away a BRAND NEW CAR as part of the Energel X campaign which you can sign-up for here.


So the next time your walking down the aisle to buy a new pen or about to place an order for the some more writing instruments, make sure you check out the ENERGEL X.

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