Sweet Leaf Tea from our friends at Nestle Waters

Matt R October 15, 2011 0

Welcome to the sweet-tasting goodness of Sweet Leaf “ready-to-drink” Ice-Tea


In May, Nestle Waters North America signed an agreement to acquire the Austin, TX based Sweet Leaf Tea Company.   You can read the full press release here.

Sweet Leaf was founded in 1998 and is known for their naturally sweetened products which are USDA certified organic and made with premium tea leaves and pure cane sugar.  There’s no artificial sweeteners here… The Motley Guy won’t touch that type of stuff!

Sweet Leaf is not only known for their high-quality teas but also their quirky-style and creativity.

It all started with a guy named Clayton.  He was sailing the Florida Key’s when one day he wished he could have some of his Grandmother Mimi’s homemade Ice-Tea, ready to drink in a convient can or a bottle.  He was a man of action, so he got home, grabbed a Marcal napkin (I don’t know if it was a Marcal napkin, those are just my favorites) and sketched up his ideas:

There’s obviously a lot more to  the process than just a sketched blueprint on a napkin, all of which you can read about here.

As things evolved, Clayton decided he needed a face to represent his new creation.  He thought there was no better one to represent his product than his Grandmother Mimi, who was the inspiration behind all of the delicious Sweet Leaf Tea recipes.  So they created a cartoon-character in her likeness.  Say hello to Mimi:

The brand has evolved in it’s offering and you can now enjoy a tasty assortment of flavors ranging from:  Sweet Tea, Citrus Green Tea, Lemon, Mint & Honey, Peach and Raspberry.  All natural, all organic, all premium, all amazing!

And just so you don’t miss what you’re looking for, here is the can in action, fresh out of the cooler:

Give it a try and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!

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