Zoll’s AED is no ordinary [life-saving] defibrillator

Matt R March 16, 2012 0

I think of myself as a pretty slick and confident guy – around most people that is. Around Heidi Klum, well, that would be another story. Generally, there are very few instances in which I get frazzled. One of those times, is when someone is dying. Yes, it’s scary, but it happens 1,000 times a day to ordinary Americans – they suffer from Cardiac Arrest, pass out, and don’t wake up. I just can’t keep my cool and I don’t know what to do. God forbid it happens around me, I know I can keep my cool, and better yet, be a hero. How is that? Simple. Zoll’s AED Plus – a simple-to-use Automated External Defibrillator that walks you through CPR and shock therapy, which can save a life.

Not all AEDs were created equal. Like I said, I’m the Motley Guy and I keep my cool even in life-threatening situations. But that’s because Zoll’s AED is different from others – it has a computer with LCD screen and soothing voice to confidently give me directions. After all, the last thing I want to do in the presence of a cardiac arrest victim is try and read tiny printed instructions! Zoll’s machine means I’m a cool customer, and a hero at the same time. Don’t believe me? Click here to check out their YouTube video on their website!

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