Energizer® Lesson to Help Save you Money!

Ellie S. October 6, 2015 0

So here’s a quick lesson for all you Motley students out there. This week: a study on product and pricing, thanks to our friends at Energizer®. (You have heard of Energizer, haven’t you?) Sure you have: just like everyone else in the world!

Energizer® has to spend a small fortune on marketing, which makes you a conscious customer aware of all your battery options. But here is a choice you might not have seen before: Energizer Industrial. These alkaline batteries are just like the famous Max® brand batteries you see at the store – only they’re MUCH cheaper. Why? Simple, class: Energizer doesn’t put marketing behind these off-brand generics. No huge marketing budget, no huge markup. Simple economics, my dear students.

Any question?  Yes, Jen? you can buy them! Just ask your office supply hero how!

And remember: choose Energizer® for all your battery needs. It’s still the only company to offer Lithium, for powering all your electronic devices. #Energizer

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