Enough Trash Talk! Get yourself a quality, affordable can liner from Webster

Matt R November 14, 2016 0

Let’s take 20 seconds and talk a little trash: can liners. Those things you tie up and take out when they’re full. Ah those, yes! Ask yourself: how many different sizes of trash cans are in your office? Finding out might save you a surprising amount of money! Ask these four questions and reference the table below to determine bag usage. You can even download the brochure below. Then ask your Motley rep for pricing!

(1)    Determine the Right Bag Type. There are 2 Types: 
High Density: Economical, light duty, good for lightweight office paper and trash, no sharp objects
. Low Density: Standard duty to extra heavy duty. Good for all types of trash including sharp objects. Adjust strength accordingly.
(2)    What is the capacity of the Receptacle you need to fit? 
See the receptacle Reference below.
(3)    What is the required bag strength? 
See the brand attributes below.
(4)    What is the required color?

click to download the can liner brochure for full offering

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